Monday, 20 April 2009


It was my little sisters 21st birthday this month, so my family and I decided we wanted to throw a party to show her how special she is.
These parties can get a bit awkward sometimes especially when you have different sides to the family... So I thought it would be fun to send an 'Instructional Dance Video' out as part of the invitation to all the guests... to invite them to practice the choreographed moves in the comfort of their own living room... hehehe.

Here is a snippet from the DVD I sent out:

I am clearly pretty comfortable with making a fool of myself.... but hey- it worked!!!

Here is THE BIG DAY. Zange's 21st birthday DANCE at my Mama's Organic Vineyard:

I have to note that I mostly thought of the actual day getting everyone together and how it would turn out- opposed to the events that occoured when everyone would receive their Instructional Dance Videos in the letterbox to practice... I thought most people would see the joy and casual energy to it- but I was completely overwhelmed with phone calls emails and text messages of hilarity...

One call was from a family friend I hadn't spoken to in years- he is in the army and had come home to visit his mum for Easter... he came home to a living room door shut with music blarring from it- he opened the door to find his mother doing The Sprinkler in front of the television.. giggling like a child that she had been caught in the act! Priceless. The caller said to me he just had to contact me to tell me how fabulous an idea it was and how much they laughed...

My great aunt who is 80 this year lives alone... I received two hilarious emails from her requesting advice on how to get up off the floor after the 10th time of falling over...! 
I would have loved to have a camera in her living room watching her work out the moves in front of her television... She was AMAZING on the day!

My other aunty called me to tell me her husband and 3 children had just finished dancing in front of the television, and that they were all out to buy themselves some gold shiny leggings for the big day. She said they laughed and laughed...

My mama wet herself watching the instructional sillyness, my cousins perfected it turning up ready and ROARING to show their new moves, my Grandma had her son and grandchildren helping her in the living room learn the steps, my best friend rolled around laughing and then proceeded to film HERself doing her new moves to give me a giggle too... 

So many stories... what a magical day! Week! 
I know it wasn't the actual dance that made the party as special as it felt, it was just a reflection of my shining light of a little sister and what she creates in her life everyday. 
It was a realy wonderful thing to do together, and look back at one day too.

I hope this post made you smile..

All the ills of mankind,
all the tragic misfortunes
that fill the history books,
all the political blunders,
all the failures of the great leaders
have arisen merely from a lack of
skill at dancing.

-- Moliere


  1. absolutely superb.... i have such a huge smile on my face... thank you for sharing :)

  2. This is awesome! =) Definitely made my day.

  3. This did make me smile. How wonderful!

  4. i hope you know that this is far beyond amazing.

  5. Brillliiaaannnt, this was so sweet. question - did ur sister participate? I want to know where was she? surprised/ gasped?

  6. Wow... it truly was such a magical hilarious experience!! And yes I did decide in the beginning I would involve my sister Zange in the whole experience. I thought it would be more fun for her to star in it..! I in fact had this whole special section choreographed for her, my mum, my dad and me, but in the moment on the day it worked well to all be in the same move... maybe next time!!???? That's the next step...! She is the one left of centre in the floral tight dress. She had the BEST day!!!
    Thank you so much for all of your comments, I am SO glad you are all smiling too!!! YAY!!! xxx

  7. What a great fantastic thing to do. It moved me to tears watching your family dance.

  8. I wish people would do this more often. Like a musical.

  9. I just love this! my family is just as quirky! love love love this!!

  10. fell upon this thru A Cup of Jo and this absolutely made my day! I only wish I had thought of something this hilarious and entertaining for my family and friends for a birthday celebration! What a great idea for the whole family to participate. How special your sister must have felt! Many many kudos ; )

  11. Fantastic dance! That must have been so much fun! Makes me wanna dance :)

  12. Incredible. My family is pretty crazy too, but I just can´t imagine getting my aunts and uncles and grandparents aout to do something like this. They wouldn´t even know how to use a computer and the dvd, etc. *lol

  13. I live in Minneapols, Minnesota and it's a cold, rainy, grey day and I"m cranky because I want it to be spring. I just watched this. Three times. Such JOY! My favorite is the guy with the baby on the left. And the granny's / aunties at the end. So sweet. This brought the sunshine to my day!

  14. This is SO funny! I about died. Even the simple side-pony on the instructor is great. Pure awesomeness!

  15. This is just lovely! Thank you for sharing. Hooray for the joys of dancing and Napoleonic music! :)

  16. This is so funny!! Thank you for sharing!

  17. hello! i just came across your blog and what a wonderful first post to see! this is so cute..soooo sweet! <3 caitlin

  18. Oh I have just happened on your blog and this post via Design Files and you have made my day. Feeling a bit crappy here in wintery Netherlands and nice to hear a bit of home and genuinely laugh out loud! Thank you! Tip