Wednesday, 18 March 2009


These are magical. I love bubbles. 
I went to a great party down near the beach recently and there was a bubble machine... Fairy lights lining the balcony stage where the bands played, and bubbles floating through the dance floor... it was quite an amazing night...
I would love a bubble machine in my house, next to the jumping castle...

These incredible images are by Julianne Swartz, at Mixed Greens

(found via Modish)

Bicycle love

Makes me want to ride my bicycle, also take photos of people riding bicycles, and buy more bicycles...
I have a vintage one and a new shiny yellow one at the moment. Funnily enough some dude from a magazine has asked to take photos of me on my bike. Maybe I should...

(All of this sourced by the wonderful Summer from design is mine

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Sliding House

How beautiful- it's like a city house and a summer house all in one. It truly would feel like you have moved to a new home each time the season changed and the walls SLIDE!
By British Architects dRMM

Thanks to arch daily for the post.